Maybe The Land Was Just a Dream

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  • Release: 07 Apr, 2017

Maybe The Land Was Just a Dream is the third part of Yakobo’s EP Trilogy. It was listed as one of the 5 top records to look out for in 2017 by music blog Storge, and the lead single and music video Far From Ground had rave reviews.

Full credits:

All songs written by Yakobo
Produced by Yakobo and Chris D’adda
Engineered by Chris D’adda at Vale Studios UK
Additional recording at ROFL Audio and Yakobo HQ
Mixed by Dave Sanderson
Mastered by JP Braddock at Formation Audio
Cover artwork by Emma Rees at Dainty Forest
Design by Richard Walker

James Currey – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Tom Lane – Drums
Phil Starling – Bass
Peter Beardsworth – Saxophone
George French – Trumpet

Some very special help on Kickstarter came from Matt and the Curreys, Ben Carroll, Stephnen Sanger, Adam Jackson, Phil Starling, Ben Parker, Sarah Cogdon, Callum Gosling, Matt Valler, John and Becky Watts, Pete Adamson, Tom Ilott and Mark Nosworthy. You guys rock!